Photo of Jenna Harvey
Jenna Harvey is a Millennial Mom fed up with the bickering in Washington

Jenna Harvey has lived and loved in South Jersey for all of her life.

As a child she played on back lots in Bridgeton, and in the woods of Salem county. As a teen, she became a single mother to two, working hard to provide for her children and advance her education. She attributes her success to a combination of inborn advantages, personal grit, and the loving kindness of good neighbors. Jenna has dedicated her professional and personal efforts to encourage and empower her own neighbors and support efforts for safe, sustainable communities ripe with opportunity. 

A lifelong admirer of our Founding Father’s vision, Jenna has become increasingly concerned and frustrated over elitism and unseen loyalties in our federal government. It seems to her that there is less and less true representation of our needs as citizens.

As our communities and our nation struggle through unprecedented times,  Jenna is seeking to represent South Jersey in Washington as the Congresswoman from NJ’s 2nd district, with no party backing, no ulterior motives, and no big money.  

Jenna Harvey is your “None of the Above” candidate for Congress.